A personalised fitness program for anyone who may be getting older – who wants to be fitter – healthier – and happier!

Our next Legends program is going to be even bigger and better. Here’s some important information.

When: we kick off in the week commencing Monday the 15th of April.

Class times: Wednesday 7.30am, Friday 7.30am

Pricing: Contact us for details and an opportunity to attend Bring a Legend day for a free workout

Where: CrossFit Kantok, 36-38 Moffat St, Cairns North

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Being as healthy and as fit as we can be as we get older is the best insurance you can buy to ensure you can enjoy each and every day to the fullest! And it all starts here. With the Legends program. Designed to meet the needs of the absolute legends in our community who don’t see as age as a reason to stop moving.

Improve accountability the easy way!

Develop a routine that includes new friends who are focused on the same goals as you are. Increasing your level of activity, even once a week, by adding one workout, can have a truckload of benefits.

Get results and unleash your potential!

Work with us to develop goals that are practical, achievable and most beneficial to you. The Legends program will help you reach your personal peak.

Make positive changes that stick!

Legends is not just about the workouts. We'll teach you how to focus on the 4 key pillars to success in reaching your personal peak. Sleep and recovery. Eating for maximum benefits. Moving as well and possible. Managing life's challenges as effectively as possible (S.E.M.M.)

Results should be measured!

Experience the motivation from seeing your progress. The Legends program includes many milestones and waypoints where you can measure your success. Even over a few short weeks. There's no better source of continual motivation.

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