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A fitness program that focuses on functional movements. Commonly used equipment includes barbells, stationary rowers, resistance bands, bodyweight, kettlebells and dumbbells. The workouts aim for high intensity but no style of training is off limits. Constant variation is the key and this includes the elements of time, and format. Some workouts are short whilst others are much longer. Some workouts challenge your capacity for work in a given timeframe. Other workouts ask you to complete a finite amount of work within stated time constraints. CrossFit is for anyone, of any age, gender or level of experience and every workout is capable of being modified to suit the needs of the individual.

Barbell Club

A program that mainly focuses on Olympic style weightlifting. The two lifts practised are the snatch and the clean and jerk. Other lifts form part of the program as a way of exposing members to more variety in weightlifting classes. Weightlifting is beneficial for many reasons. It develops strength and power, but it also develops mobility and flexibility. Midline (core) strength and stability is also vastly improved. This feature of our program alone is a great reason for anyone to try it. We’re not aiming to prepare competitive Olympic weightlifters because our focus is the basics, and we aim to have as much fun as possible along the way. Weightlifting is for anyone. Any age, gender or level of fitness or ability.

Community... but!

It’s not just about a ‘community’. We see that word used a lot. What if the people in your circle were ‘all-in’ when it comes to seeing you succeed?! What if they were invested in you achieving your goals, as much as achieving their own?! What if we could show you that this is a reality and not even a hypothetical?

We’re constantly adding to the mix of reasons to come together. Whether it’s hosting fundraisers, or rolling out our annual Intramural Throw-Down … there’s plenty to keep folks engaged and active in addition to working out together.


Kids and Youth Fitness

Kids are 6+ and Youth are 10+ This is a program offered periodically. This program focuses on making fitness fun and enjoyable, with small groups and a specialist trainer who can give every child some personal attention. We aim to help parents teach their children about health and fitness from an early age. This helps to set them up for healthy attitudes and habits that stay with them for the rest of their lives.


Seminars are offered periodically and cover a wide range of topics. Previously held seminars included Olympic Style Weightlifting Basics, a Double-Unders workshop, and a Gymnastics seminar series. Seminars are also open to the non-members.

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