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The Coaches have been amazing in helping me create a new focus.
Fed up with feeling down on my body, feeling unfit and struggling with my mental health, I took a scary step out of my comfort zone and joined CrossFit Kantok and since then I have been constantly challenged and pushed out of my comfort zone! I have achieved so many skills that I had no idea I could do! I feel strong and more confident in my skin than I have ever felt! I am part of the amazing Kantok family, and living thousands of miles from my family, this is an important factor in my life. I have made amazing friendships with like minded people who share my accomplishments and cheer me on! I have the best coaches who push me on and help me become a better version of myself. It is hard to see sometimes how far you have come and what you have achieved. Thank you all who have helped me, cheered for me and supported me, here is to the next year of my CrossFit journey
Over this journey my overall habits with nutrition have completely changed. My nutrition goals, knowledge and implementation are completely different to what I have ever done before and this is the most progress I have ever had. I have never had a goal weight, nor do I now. I aim to train hard and I eat a lot, but I plan it (mostly) and I track my macros. This is hard, time consuming, sometimes doesn't get done but overall it works for me.

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