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owner of CrossFit Kantok
Our founder

Coach Gary

As a youngster I put sport and outdoor activities at the centre of everything. But when I got older, I forgot how important my health and fitness was to me. I eventually ran into some serious health issues that forced me to take a longer, harder look at things. It was a gradual thing, but the day eventually came when I couldn’t ignore the problems any longer. I was only 35. I got educated about health and fitness and I made lots of changes. My health issues went away. It started with me. Then my wife and my boys. And then the ripple effect continued and we were able to net the other friends and family members who were a part of our circle. Health and fitness is the hub of our lives these days. We run, we jump, and we throw things (heavy things) up over our heads. We also enjoy sitting down and being still just to let the endorphins flow. And yes – we talk about this stuff all the time! And then we do it some more! Felecia and I get to help people do truly great things inside and outside of the gym, day in and day out! We get so much out of this that we often wonder why more people aren’t queued up to get some of this good stuff for themselves? Yeah, we’ve heard the … “CrossFit is too expensive” complaints a gazillion times. I usually respond by asking people to put a dollar figure on the opportunity to live their best life. Sounds kinda hokey? It’s true though. We can offer that to people. It’s been proven. Sticking to a program like ours has undeniable, measurable benefits for each person on a number of fronts. Imagine you could pretty much guarantee that your future health would always be optimal, and that you could express your fitness any way you wanted, for as long as you wanted. How much would that be worth right now? We’ve seen some really tragic results, of less than optimal lifestyles, up close many times in the trajectories of people who were near and dear to us. We don’t want that kind of future for ourselves or anyone in our circle if we can help it. And if you become a part of our circle, we’re gonna always do our best to help you avoid that outcome too. Helping others bring about permanent and beneficial changes to their health through fitness, is truly satisfying. Achieving goals and getting results is addictive. Our vision is actually about growing a health and fitness community that anyone can be a part of. It’s the ideal world where the pursuit of fitness is the norm. If we can play a part in making it happen, then there’s a good chance we can help to reduce the impact of some of the other health issues currently affecting our community. Our mission is about leading others to that outcome through results. We will be a leading provider of personal fitness coaching for people no-matter what their age, gender or exercise history or experience might be. To achieve this, we focus on the needs of each individual in our program. Our smallness is one of our best attributes. It allows us to provide a ‘wrap-around’ service that has a laser-like focus on results. My background in sport, martial arts, personal training and CrossFit provides me with the tools to back this up. The key to the success of our facility, and of our member clients is not our new equipment, the programming, or the online platforms we use to track and measure results. At CrossFit Kantok we have a set of values that we refer to for guidance every day. We’re all about inclusion. Everyone is welcome and no-one gets left behind. We think that the ability to do this work is a genuine privilege. The opportunity to see people for the best hour of their day, every day is a massive gift for which I/we am/are grateful. We don’t take that for granted. So we’ll always do our best to make the effort worthwhile for every single member and client. Finally, we understand that life happens outside of the gym. Even for our members and clients. So there will be days when motivation is low, or the workout feels much harder than normal. That’s when we help our members and clients to lean into the discomfort. Progress and gains come when we step outside the comfort zone. When you do this, the results aren’t just measured in numbers. This is what we call our recipe for winning at life!

Our coaches

Gary Lui coach at CrossFit Kantok

Coach Gary (Gaz) Lui

Co-Owner along with wife Felecia. Head Coach and the keeper of the overall vision. Martial arts, sport and fitness have been a part of his life since the beginning. A strict upbringing and martial arts helped to develop a mindset pre-calibrated for goal-setting and getting results. Mindset coaching comes naturally and he uses this skill to help others be more accountable to themselves. Gary coaches CrossFit and Olympic Style Weightlifting and offers goal setting, skills seminars, mindset coaching, and personal training (online and in person). “I like to think I’m in charge of stuff. But in reality, I just hang on as best I can and go along for the ride whilst clocking up as many wins as I can along the way! If you want to come along and have the ride of your life then jump aboard! – Coach Gaz

Mark Stover coach at CrossFit Kantok

Coach Mark (Stoves) Stover

Coach Stoves embodies persistence and longevity. He’s the senior statesmen of our team and has seen and done it all! His health and fitness experience is an invaluable commodity which he shares generously. Mark has a competitive background in surf lifesaving and motorsport and he loves getting fired up for competitive CrossFit both as a coach and competitor. He’s one of the top CrossFit athletes in the country in the masters division. Mark coaches CrossFit, Olympic Style Weightlifting and offers goal setting, skills seminars and personal training. “You know what … just standing there, looking at the barbell like that isn’t actually going to move it unless you have some kinda jedi mind-over-matter super power kinda stuff!” – Coach Stoves

Tamara Buddle coach at CrossFit Kantok

Coach Tamara ('T') Buddle

Coach T is a walking advertisement who showcases the benefits of our fitness program. She can tell you all about her gains and how they didn’t just happen overnight. Turning up to get the work done is her one and only strategy for success. It’s a simple plan and it works! Tamara has a tertiary qualifications in exercise and fitness but it’s her coaching background that gives her the edge. Coaching basketball at a very competitive level gave her an insight into how to find success as a team. She asks members and clients to focus on doing the little things well. Such as finding a good strategy to maximise sleep and recovery. She now passes on those same lessons to our members and her nutrition clients. Tamara coaches CrossFit, offers goal setting, mindset coaching, personal training (online and in person) and is a certified nutrition coach. “Cherry picking workouts. One of my fave subjects. Why? Because I have fun dismantling the mistaken belief that we won’t notice. Guess what? I take notice. ” – Coach T, just a subtle reminder that she’s always watching!

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