Drop in at CrossFit Kantok

At CrossFit Kantok, we love getting visitors. Whether you’re dropping in for a single session or sticking around for a few days, you’re more than welcome at our gym. Recent CrossFit experience is essential to ensuring you get the most out of your workout. Unsure? Contact us for assistance.

  • The process is automated and self-service. Visitors must reserve their own classes. However it’s very easy to do this using our our app.
  • Our class sizes are capped. Reserve classes early. 7 days in advance if possible.
  • There is a waiting list for classes at maximum capacity.
  • Please reach out to us if unable to reserve your preferred class.
  • Want to know what the Workout of the Day is? You’ll find a weekly workout program previewed on  our Instagram page right HERE.

Complete a Visitor’s Form below. Doing this will set you up on our system and then please check your inbox for instructions. From there you’ll be able to purchase the visitors pass of your choice and reserve your class/classes.